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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Keeping Caught Up .... Sort Of

The biggest reason why I waited so long to start a Project 12 album was I wasn't sure I was ready to commit to an on-going project like that. I mean seriously. How would it be if there was four or five months in a row and then BAM!  Nothing for a couple of months. And then picking up again? Keeping up .. keeping the continuity is what I committed to and I'm proud to say that so far ... so good.

December was impossibly busy with no scrappy time. So I didn't get a chance to do my November, 2013 Project until yesterday. Whew. So far the string isn't broken! And, I'm enjoying the relief that it's done. Let me show you ...

November was a pretty quiet month .. until I decided to host Thanksgiving for the family. Then things kicked into high gear! One of the things I did for Thanksgiving was to set up my first Photo Booth in the entryway of my house. Edward and Willie  and crepe paper streamers and some fun hats and printed props made for some great photos and plenty of scrapbooking material!

I'm still trying to figure out how to scrap this format. You'd think it would be easier. Just print out some photos and some journaling and slap it into the divided page protectors. But, it's quite challenging to get some sort of balance and cohesiveness from the randomness of the photos. This month, I started out wanting it to be orange and taupe/beige monotone. But {yawn} THAT wasn't working, so I pulled from RheAnna's green shirt and Breckin's green shirt and added some green to the spread. It livened up everything! And this time I used very little embellishing. And, tried to create some graphic interest by printing phrases directly on my photos. 

Thanksgiving will be remembered as The Year of the Ugly Turkey!  bbwwahahaha  In an attempt to make sure my guests would have plenty of oven space if needed, I decided to cook my brined 26 pound turkey in Justin's roaster. I've never done anything in a roaster before. And ... probably won't ever do it again! It steamed the heck out of the turkey. And when it was done ... it was juicy and tasty ... and so moist the meat fell away from the bone and totally blew out the BUTT of the bird! 

November will also be remembered as the month that RheAnna got her braces. Technology these days is incredible ... nothing like back in the olden days when RaKell got her braces.  The process of putting them on was quick, easy and painless! And RheAnna even went back to school as soon as she was done. And couldn't wait to get to dance that afternoon to show all her friends! 

I still say that the joy that comes from looking back through the pages I've completed is the motivation to continue ... without missing a month.  So, I better get on with December's Project! Family Christmas at home!  Now THAT ought to be fun!!! 

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Top 13 Cards For 2013

I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday's look back at 2013! And, it occurred to me that I had made a ton of cards last year, too! And, some really cute ones!  So, indulge me, while I share my favorite cards from last year!

In no particular order ... 

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Top 13 of 2013!

The past couple of weeks were CRA-CRA!!  I think I may have overdosed on Amazon, gift-wrapping, Mom's Rum Balls, family get-to-gethers, and holiday residue! How about you? Still need to take down the tree. That's happening tomorrow.  But, it's a New Year and I'm starting it by taking a look back at my favorite scrapbook pages from last year. 

Number 13 was this fun birthday page of Lisa and Breckin ... who share January 11 as their birthday! I just loved these photos of them together. Yep, there's two pictures here .. the center one of them smiling for somone else's camera ... and the other where they smiled for me.  I turned that one to b/w and then separated it for the layout. I loved playing with the Fancy Pants "The Good Life" papers for this one, too! 

Number 12 was a page created for a quote challenge. We were to use part or all of this fun Dr. Seuss quote on our layout.  Loved the spunky, sassy picture of RheAnna ... and the colors were such a blast to play with! 

Number 11 was one done early in the year for a Sketch challenge.  It's amazing how turning your page elements on a slight angle can take an okay layout to a WOW layout!  I don't have a ton of pictures of Mom so it was particularly fun to scrap these pictures of her from last Christmas. 
And, YES ... she DOES LOVE PRESENTS!  hehehe

Number 10  is a particular favorite because it's my experiment page into doing Project 12. I wanted to see if I could do .... and if I would like .... doing a page that summarized a month's activities.  I didn't use a page protector for this one. But, I certainly did utilize the 2x3 journaling cards and printed lots of small photos for it. I loved it so much that I decided to start an official Project 12 album and so far I've been enjoying the heck out of it! 

Number 9 is a favorite because of the colors ... and the playful elements.  Clouds, foamy ladybug stickers, pinwheels ... all came together on this fun page about Breckin and a couple of her teammates goofing around in the  park while they waited for the photographer to be ready for them.  And, you KNOW I'm a sucker for anything with a harlequin pattern.  Even if it's a subtle white on white. 

Number 8 made it's way into my Top 13 because of the pictures.  We took these the morning after Tori competed at a skating event in Peoria.  We slept in a little and then walked with her mom and dad across the hotel parking lot next to the Cardinals stadium to have lunch at the Yardhouse. She looked so pretty that day .. a little residue of competition make up still visible. And her hair softly curled and fluffy after being twisted into a fancy bun all day the day before.  She was so happy and proud of her performances. And, so was I. Even cropped myself out of one and made it my official 'internet' photo for my profile! 

Number 7 was so fun to do. Loved this photo of Breckin and her pre-school crush, John-Michael taken at her 5th birthday party. I played around with an 'offset' composition and struggled to get the balance and the feel right.  Until I clear embossed a naked chipboard frame and added it to highlight the two of them. That MADE the page ... and shot it right into my heart! 

Number 6 was created for a 'rainbow' challenge. And probably one of the fastest scrapping layouts I've ever done! I was pressed for time. I pulled some rainbow supplies .. and just scrapped with abandon! Didn't have time to over-think anything. I just PLAYED ... and had the most fun I've ever had working on  a layout! 

Number 5.  You know, sometimes you get photos that are so beautiful with memories so precious that you are intimidated to scrap them. This was one of those photos. Tori. Her first Homecoming dance. The dress we bought together. Behind her, the gorgeous soft purples of the Jack Roberts that I coveted when it hung above Letty's fireplace.  Nothing I was going to do with this one would do that photo justice. But, I love it nonetheless. 

Number 4. This is another one of those photos. I just wasn't able to bring myself to try to scrap it. Instead, I cropped the heck out of it, turned it to b/w, and used it for a tag challenge. I used all scraps for the tag ... white embossed cardstock, bold red mini harlequin print. Lots of texture. And when the tag was done I propped it up on my desk and admired it for months. Until another challenge came along.  USE A TAG on a layout. 


It was a 'sign from above' ... so I created a background for my beloved tag, added some fun arrow stamping with a stamp that I had just bought, added a bit of journaling  ... and was able to scrap this 'unscrapable' photo after all.  hehehe

Number 3 is a favorite for so many reasons. I was honored to be Master of the Month for Memorable Seasons last fall. And with the Fancy Pants kit I received I scrapped my heart out .. wanting to represent myself well, of course, on the MS blog. And, I definitely didn't want to disappoint Wendy or any of the others on the design team.  This page had it all .. faux embossing, cardboard, multiple photos, bright colors, dotty circles, cardboard, machine stitching, flowers, transparency, layers and an envelope. Whew!  I pulled out all the stops and LOVED the result!  

Still do.

Number 2 was just one of those pages where everything just seemed to fall into place without effort.  In fact, I must have been in a creativity daze while working on it because I don't recall much about the process of putting this one together.  When I look at it .. the only thing I really remember is the epiphany I had to use the red/white striped straws for the borders. It's funny, because I can usually look back at a layout and relate the steps it took to complete a page. But, this one ... just flowed from a special place in my creative heart.  That's a place I wish I could visit more often. 

and finally ...


I've always said that a great photo will make a great scrapbook layout. And ... I just LOVE this photo more than anything. RheAnna. Christmas morning a couple of years ago (hence the Santa earrings). Beautiful to me the morning she came into this world and I was allowed to cut the cord.  And she grows more beautiful everyday .. inside and out.  It's impossible to put the love I have for her onto a page ... but, it is felt with every creative breath I take as I scrap these moments and memories ... for me ... for her ...  for my family to cherish in the years to come. 

I have to say that 2013 was a wonderful scrapbooking year for me!  I really completed a lot of pages! More than I remember doing in past years. I never did keep count ... but it's easily over 100 pages. If you think about it that's about 2 pages a week!  eeek!  And, to get that many done and still be able to live my life and share in all the adventures of my family and granddaughters .. well, I'm thinking that deserves a huge pat on the back and an 'ATTA BOY' Mammy!   hehehe

This blog post was motivated by all the Top 10 for 2013 posts I've been seeing the past few days.  Looking back through my pages for last year it was impossible to narrow it down to ten so I went with the 13 in 13 concept. But, even THAT was hard.  Here are a few 'runner-ups' that didn't quite make the cut. 

I want to thank all of you guys for stopping by my blog through out the year!  Big hugs and my heartfelt gratitude to the few who left comments.  It's just nice to know that someone is out there.  You show up on my 'stat-counter' so I know there are lots of you who visit ... especially the mystery person from Mountain View, California who stops by almost every day.  It's a privilege to be able to share my passion for scrapbooking ... and a few of my silly adventures ... with you. And, I'm hoping there will be even MORE in 2014!! 

Have a fabulous New Year ... and I pray it's filled with your own passion and silly adventures! 
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Joys of Christmas

What a wonderful treat last night.  I met Justin and Lisa in Costco while the little girls were in dance class.  We were there to take advantage of the price reduction on our recently purchased Galaxy S4 phones. You've got to love Costco's policy that if the price is reduced within 90 days of purchasing anything from them they will refund you the difference.  Saved myself $100 bucks yesterday!  Woot!

As I was leaving Costco and heading back to the dance studio I detoured through the Starbucks drive thru for my favorite Venti Decaf Skinny Vanilla Latte (no foam, three Splenda please). I had placed my order with the anonymous voice resonating from the steel speaker box that stood in front of the well lit billboard sign testing my resolve with photos of cake pops, cranberry cakes, cookies and bear claws.  And, when I pulled up to the open window to pay for my coffee the very friendly man who greeted me said, "The car in front of you paid for half of your drink, so you only owe $2.43."

What?  I looked at the car ahead of me ... just now pulling out of the parking lot.  A white Lexus with windows tinted so I couldn't see the person inside.  What a surprise .. what a thoughtful, charitable thing to do.  It definitely put me in the Christmas spririt!

I handed my phone to the nice man .. opened to my Starbucks App with the barcode ready to scan for payment.  He handed it back to me. I asked him if he had the order for the car behind me.  Yes, he did. So, let's pass along this random act of kindness and holiday joy and scan my phone again, paying for the full order of the car behind me.

"Don't forget to tell them I wish them a Merry Christmas!"

His reply, "Oh, it's so much fun when people do this."

Then this morning I saw this video.  It's way more expensive than a couple of Starbucks coffees. And, *sniff* it definitely brought a tear to my eye.  But, the feeling in my heart was just a warm last night and the feeling I got watching this video.   Here's a little of the Christmas spirit for you ...

Ho, ho, ho!  Merry Christmas!

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Monday, December 9, 2013

Where Did My December Weekend Go?

How can it be Monday already?  Where the heck did my weekend go?  Well ... let's see ...

I finished up a layout for the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge!

This was a lift challenge.  You know how much I love those!  And what a fun page to work from, too! 

I joined a Christmas Card exchange! While I'm not sure HOW I'm going to find the time it just sounded like so much fun!  I had a bunch of ideas running through my head so I just said 'Screw It' and sat down in my scraproom and started to play! 

I cheered on my amazing daughter-in-law as she ran in her very first distance RUN!   Lisa is training for the Disneyland Marathon coming up in January.  And, this was a good test for her.  She ran in the Phoenix Hot Chocolate Run ... 15K ... and she did AWESOME!  We're just so proud of her!  Of course, having your bestie by your side doesn't hurt, right?  {{wink}}

I got to spend some Mammy time ... and a little cash .. on my granddaughters!  We were long overdue for having our December mani pedi! So the four of us spent some girlie time in Greenfield Nails

I got a little Christmas shopping done!  And, vegged on the couch Sunday night and watched several eposodes of Naked and Afraid on the Discovery Channel.  omg.  Have you watched it yet?  It's like SURVIVOR on steroids!  The way you WANTED Survivor to be!  It's like watching a grain wreck.  You just can't look away!  bbwahahaha 

But, it's now Monday and there's a ton of stuff to do ... it's a busy week ahead. So, keep being productive ... and keep your eyes on the prize! Stay warm. Stay safe. And, I'll check in again when I can! 
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