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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Breckin's Dream Duffel

First of all let me just say that hauling all the paraphernalia that a dancer needs can be a nightmare.  Costumes are only part of it. There's also make up, hair tools, blanket, snacks, a place to sit, mirror, shoes .... and keeping it all together during conventions/competitions/recital is a FULL TIME job which RaKell does extremely well.  However, when we discovered the Dream Dufflel  online a couple of years ago we immediately ordered one for RheAnna.  It works PERFECTLY and has been a God-send!  But, I have to say that it's not very attractive.  RaKell got the idea to cover/decorate RheAnna's Duffel and did an amazing job transforming it into something appropriate for an 8-year-old obsessed dancer.  The red/black theme with skulls and ribbon scraps hit all RheAnna's favorites! And, she actually loves dragging the thing around when we're headed to a competition or performance.
RheAnna's Duffel brought lots of attention and compliments and requests from other Dance Moms to have their own girl's Duffels personalized.  And, RaKell has done an amazingly creative job altering/decorating the Dream Duffels of many of the other dancers at the studio. 

Now that Breckin is a Sugarbabe and officially a Company dancer it was clear that she needed a Dream Duffel, too.  So, for her birthday last week she got her very own Duffel.  Like any obsessed crafter, I was totally inspired by RaKell's creations and wanted to give it a try myself. During a conversation with Breckin before Christmas {when the diningroom at her house was full of fabric, ribbon, trim, bling and hot glue while RaKell worked feverishly to get Dream Duffel orders complete in time for Christmas giving} I asked her what colors she would choose if SHE was going to have a Dream Duffel.  "Oh, that's easy, Mammy.  I'd pick blue and purple!"   


I was surprised by that response thinking she'd choose pink or green or black like her sister.  Purple and blue? But, the next day as I watched her get out of the car after school I noticed her Justice backpack. Blue and purple.  hhhmmmm, maybe she does know what she likes!  bbwwahahaha 

So with that in mind I headed to Etc. (formerly Scrapbooks, Etc in Mesa) and found some fabrics that I thought might work.  I dusted off my old sewing machine, sewed some ruffles, make some stinkin cute fabric flowers, spray painted, stitched, hot glued and burned more fingers than I care to mention. 

I admit I enjoyed working on Breckin's Duffel.  It was a labor of love and the results were met with squeals of delight and happiness when I gave it to her for her birthday last week.  But, I don't think I'll be doing another one any time soon.  I'd much rather play with paper and eat paste ... surrounded by pictures and memories.  I'm going to leave the Dream Duffel business to my daughter!  hehehe  


  1. It's looking very good I will take of it.

  2. Absolutely LOVE this and I want to do something similar with my daughter's Dream Duffel. Did you sew the fabric onto the duffel or glue?

    1. Tricia, I ironed on a featherweight fabric stabilizer to the fabric, then glued it on the the duffel with my hot glue gun. Only glue it around the edges. Then you can trim away any excess. The trim (in this case the white ruffle) is hot glued as well, to cover any fabric raw edges. Thanks for commenting! And for asking the question!


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